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  • Do you require the vaccine passport?

    At this time, we are not required to check for the vaccine passport as the majority of our farm is outside.  When entering the barns, concession or washrooms, masks will be mandatory as per the public health orders.  This is subject to change as the public health orders change.

  • How do we get from one location to the other?

    The walking time between the two locations is approximately 8-10 minutes.  All visitors wishing to walk between the locations must use the pedestrian crossing at 128th Avenue and Laity Street.

    You can also drive between both locations and there will be parking at each location.  However, if you choose to drive to both, we highly recommend that you start at the South patch before proceeding to the North patch location.

  • If we are visiting both locations is there a combined entrance fee?

    We are not offering a combined admission rate if you choose to go to both locations in the same day.  The admission rate is $8 per person at each location.

  • How much do the pumpkins cost?

    Pumpkin prices are based on size.  The price ranges from $2.50 for a small sugar pumpkin up to about $12 for a very large 40 lb pumpkin with all prices in between.  We have pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colours!

  • Can we bring our dog or cat to the pumpkin patch?

    No - We do not allow dogs, cats or any pets in to the pumpkin patch.  Please leave your furry friends at home.  Service animals will be asked to stay outside of our barn and away from any of our outdoor animal enclosures.

  • Do you allow birthday parties at the pumpkin patch?

    We do not accept birthday party reservations at either location.  Should your group wish to attend, please note that regular admission rates apply and we do not allow cake, presents or decorations to be brought into the pumpkin patch.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, debit and credit card.

  • Will our pumpkin last until the end of October?

    Pumpkins can last for months if they are kept in a cool dry place such as a garage and have not been carved.  Once carved, a pumpkin will only last a few days before starting to rot.

  • Do you allow professional photographers at the pumpkin patch?

    We encourage all of our visitors to bring their cameras and take pictures of the pumpkin patch.  However, we do not allow any professional photographers to book photo sessions with their clients at our premises.