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The Laity Pumpkin Patch is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our staff and guests. Please see below for the precautions we are implementing and our guidelines for ensuring a safe environment for all our guests. Please contact us at if you require any other information.

Safety Precautions

We will be limiting the total number of guests in the patch at one time. During our peak attendance dates, online tickets will be available on our website in order to reserve your spot. We encourage you to present your ticket on a mobile device, however you may print out your ticket ahead of time if you prefer. Entry to the pumpkin patch will only be available through designated time slots selected during the online purchase of your ticket. Guests will not be permitted entry outside of their prearranged time slot unless there is space available to ensure that we are compliant with health regulations. Guests will be permitted to spend up to 2 hours at the patch. If you require assistance or have additional questions with purchasing tickets, please contact

On our non-peak days of the season, tickets will be available at the gate. Please review our posted calendar for dates and times each location will be open and whether tickets are recommended.

Guests are asked to limit their family group to a maximum of 6 people.  All groups are asked to stay a minimum of 6 feet away from other family groups.

Hand wash and/or hand sanitizing stations will be available at various locations throughout the pumpkin patch.

Staff will be sanitizing high touch areas regularly.

Washroom facilities will be sanitized frequently at regular intervals throughout the day.

The concessions will be open on weekends with outdoor seating available. Groups are asked to limit themselves to no more than 6 occupants at a table. Tables will be spaced a minimum of six feet apart and will be sanitized after each use.

Walkways and barns have been reconfigured to allow one-way travel for guests.

Plexiglass has been installed at our entrance, exit and concession counters.

All guests are required to maintain physical distancing, do not allow you or any members of your group to get within 2m/6 ft of another individual/group.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years.

While not mandatory, personal masks are recommended to be worn while on the premises. All employees will be wearing masks.  Masks will be mandatory on the hay wagon ride at the North location (South location hay wagon ride is not operating this year).

Guests who purchase a ticket at the gate will be asked to leave contact information for effective contact tracing.

Health & Safety Regulations:

Failure to comply with the below will result in your removal from the premises. Please note that you are visiting The Laity Pumpkin Patch at your own risk.

If you are currently, or have within the past 14 days, been sick or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, please do not visit the pumpkin patch. Unsure?
Please check your symptoms on the BC Covid-19 Self-Check

If you have travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days, you are not permitted to enter.

If you have been in close contact with an individual with Covid-19 or been asked to self isolate by health authorities, you are not permitted to enter.

Additional resources may be found at